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Welcome to the Water Hygiene Centre
  The Water Hygiene Centre, established in 2009, provides expert, independent water hygiene consultancy services, achieved through our consultant's extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you...
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IPC Challenges and Solutions - Waterborne Infections
  The Healthcare Infection Society hosted a webinar in September 2021, as part of their ‘IPC challenges and solutions – audience lead webinar series’, and we were delighted to be asked to sit on...
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IOSH South Midlands - Chain of Infection:   A reservoir of organisms
Water out of the tap, what’s the issue...?  Water is the giver of life.  Water is also the home of ‘waterborne pathogens’ such as Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  These are naturally occurring...
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IOSH Merseyside - Practical Approaches to Water Safety
  We’ve all seen the ‘crazy’ health and safety photos such as the worker on the A frame ladder in swimming pool whilst drilling in to the ceiling above!!  Well, this presentation is along the same...
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IOSH South West Branch 5 Top Tips for Water Safety
Is water safety something an organisation needs to be concerned about…? What is the actual risk with water…? These might be some of the thoughts that pop into your head when you read the title of the...
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Temperature Monitoring Video
Temperature control is widely recognised as the traditional means to reduce Legionella risk within domestic hot and cold water systems. The correct method for taking a temperature from an outlet is...
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Calorifiers - Internal Inspection Example
Here is a quick example of how you can complete your annual DHW calorifier inspection using a borescope.
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