COVID-19 Our Strategy

 [UPDATED 08/07/2020]

The Water Hygiene Centre places the health, safety and welfare of their team members first.

To demonstrate our proactive approach to safety during this pandemic:

  • 6 March 2020 a COVID-19 Action Plan was drafted providing all staff with guidance on the emerging pandemic and what precautions and actions were necessary to help ensure their health, safety and welfare;
  • 8 March 2020 a daily Health Check Register was initiated to monitor staff health symptoms;
  • 12 March 2020 'Our Strategy' statement for clients was included on all email footers [with subsequent updates issued];
  • 30 March 2020 'Morning Huddle' was established via Teams for all employees to attend with the objective to share a coffee with everyone, continue with the Health Check Register, completion of Daily Challenges, Thought for the Day, webcam of the day and see if anyone needed help or support.

In recent weeks, lockdown has started to be relaxed and guidance has been issued by the Government on Working Safely in Offices and from the HSE on workplace COVID-19 risk assessments

Under the HSWA and MHSWR the requirement to complete risk assessments, to develop an action plan to manage risk, develop procedures and processes to inform employees on correct working methods and finally the delivery of information, instruction and training has been completed.

New and specific work processes and procedures for Office based team members and site based team members have been drafted.

Our Strategy during COVID-19:

  • Provide a safe working environment for our team members.
  • Daily Health Check Register for all staff at the Morning Huddle. 
  • Home working - Encouraged for team members.
  • Office Space – Socially distanced works spaces, defined walk routes, staggered breaks, cleansing procedures of facilities.
  • Site working - Socially distancing to be adhered too, use of hand sanitisers after touching surfaces, use of face masks whilst onsite.  
  • Consultants to communicate with clients [as necessary] given any site visits planned to ensure continuity of support. 
  • To inform clients of any team member who has developed symptoms and self isolated if the consultant has visited them within the past 7 days.
  • Continued support for clients through IT solutions such as TEAMS for meetings, auditing, appraisals, training sessions and collaboration work.

COVID-19 Secure Certificate:

  • We confirm that we have complied with the government's guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 - Our certificate can be viewed HERE

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