Records are essential with Health & Safety Law.  Any organisation with more than 5 employees are required to keep written records.  Our experience from working with clients has proven robust records and systems for keeping records are a must.  We’ve assisted clients with establishing records management systems either paper based or electronic.  The electronic systems have taken a number of forms from local shared drives through to SharePoint and Cloud based systems.

As a development we’ve now created an archive of client records, these are held on our website.  This archive is to allow clients access to all documents we’ve created for them.  It is not intended to be an online portal for document storage as clients already have these in place!  But also in our opinion all clients’ documents should remain in their control and domain and not hosted / filed by a 3rd party.

“A fantastic and supportive service is delivered each year and I can honestly say each member of the team are professional and extremely dedicated to providing a high quality and high standard service”.
Claire Hennessy, Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust

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Directors: D.F. Pitcher, BSc (Hons) CMIOSH, FIHEEM. and J.A.Leach

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