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This free guide explores the risks and effects of waterborne contamination, as well as tips on how to keep it under control.


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This guide includes:


- What are ‘waterborne pathogens’ (Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosaStenotrophomonas maltophiliaTuberculous Mycobacteria& where the evidence they are a concern is 

- Recent stories from the media

- What the guidance on water safety is and where to find it

- How to implement the guidance on water hygiene

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About us

We provide expert, independent water hygiene consultancy services, achieved with our consultant's extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you with proactive management & support on water safety with our comprehensive range of risk management services. More details can be found here.


What we do

We have proudly developed a reputation for providing high-quality service to our clients, while remaining independent and free of vested interests. A wealth of knowledgeable, qualified, and dedicated water hygiene and legionella consultants are available at the Water Hygiene Centre, all of whom provide objective guidance. Among our collective experiences are: Professionals in the fields of microbiology, biology, risk assessment, engineering, and building services. Click here to see more services that we offer. 

We deliver a range of Independent Water Hygiene services. Such as expert training face-to-face,  Microsoft teams or we even have online, 24/7 instant access on-demand courses. We deliver a range of Independent Water Hygiene services. Click here to discover more.