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Legionella Training Courses Which course is right for me?

Regular Legionella training is an essential element of an employee’s

capability to carry out work safely.


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Designated Person (DP) – Board level responsibility for water safety

Responsible Person (RP) – Responsible for the overall management of water safety and provides the informed link to DP

Infection Control (IC) – Provides support on clinical susceptibility, interprets results and advises

Deputy RP / Authorised Person (AP) – Responsible for the daily management and operation of water systems

Competent Person (CP) – Responsible for working on the water systems (repairs, alterations) and /or monitoring of water systems

These are the typical water safety roles used within many public services and private sector organisations.

* - Those with no previous experience / training - it is recommended you attend both the Responsible Person and Authorised Persons course.

* - Those with previous experience / training - can use the Responsible Person or Authorised Persons course as refresher training.


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