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Engineering Assessment

Our HTM04:01 Engineering Assessment is a very bespoke service designed for augmented care areas within healthcare facilities. Needless to say, not everyone will be needing this type of assessment.


In response to HTM04:01 guidance, the objective of this assessment is to help protect those patients at risk from Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. This naturally occurring opportunistic pathogen can very easily come to exist in hospital water systems, particularly within the tap outlet. This contaminated water can then be transmitted to the patient either by direct contact or by indirect means such as patient equipment.


The assessment requires input from clinical teams to ensure effective output.  This includes confirmation of which areas are identified as augmented care and which outlets are used directly by patients and which are used by  staff.  The assessment will then assess each outlet looking at the components used at the facility such as TMVs, flexi hoses, the fall of the water and where it impacts in the sanitary ware - splash factor!!


The Engineering Assessment is more than you’d come to expect if you’re used to Legionella risk assessments. To comply with HTM04:01 this Engineering assessment should be commissioned by your Water Safety Group (WSG) and is recommended for each of your augmented care areas. The output is a risk minimisation scheme which may advise changes in sanitary or alterations to the existing plumbing installation. These recommendations may also help inform your ‘Design Team’ with their specification of further work and help shape the Water Safety Plan. 


This type of assessment does require clinical input and estates support as this will be intrusive!

"The Engineering Risk Assessment and service from the Water Hygiene Centre is first class. They have excellent knowledge and are always supportive.  I have no issues whatsoever with recommending them to other companies"

Daniel Amies, Sodexo

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