Legionella Awareness Training

Course Overview

This course is ideal for those who are not necessarily directly involved with water systems, but still require some understanding of Legionella, for example hotel services, care taking teams, and ward / building / departmental staff.

Topics covered on the course can include:

  • Factors that encourage Legionella growth
  • Water is food
  • Managing water systems, based on law and guidance
  • Organisational structures, including roles & responsibilities
  • Personal protection, stagnant water, aerosols, flushing and records
  • Examples of other risk systems


Duration: One / Two Hours

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“Very informative and well-aimed at non-technical people”.

Seamus Doran, Bournemouth Borough Council

“All well explained at layman level”.

Mike Agg, North Warwickshire Borough Council

“The trainer was very good, enjoyed very much”.

Edward Wilson, Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

“Lots of information and a useful handout for future reference”.

Brian McLoughlin, Community Housing Group

"Great to have such a knowledgeable trainer".

Max Underhill, Bournemouth Borough Council

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