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Course Overview

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This course is aimed at those responsible for managing new build projects / development or the refurbishment of existing buildings, from the concept and design stage through to completion. 

The course is accredited with CPD and recognised by ILM, part of the City & Guilds Group.


Why have we created such a course….? Problems and issues reported with new buildings or refurbished buildings and their water systems.


For far too long the lack of Project Manager engagement with the Water Safety Group [WSG] on new projects, the increasing number of projects that are being handed over to the operational estates team and clinical teams with fundamental flaws that need to be addressed with little or no involvement with designers or builders.  Finally, BS8680 Water Safety Plans has placed a huge emphasis on the need for engagement with WSG and service users, accountability, specification, risk assessment, and competency of all those in projects.

The term ‘water safety’ includes those risks from biological, physical, chemical, and radiological hazards. The approach to managing these risks will depend on the type of organisation and the types of water risk systems and the susceptibility of those who are exposed. 

This course will provide an understanding of ‘water safety’ risks associated with Legionnaires’ disease, Pseudomonas aeruginosa [Pa], and Scalding. The course covers ACOP L8 and HTM04-01 guidance to ensure proactive management is established, overlaid with BS8680 code of practice for Water Safety Plan [WSP], and will then focus on the key design stages that need to be considered, these will be outlined including examples of projects and their issues to demonstrate that there are lessons to be learnt!

It needs to be made very clear that this course is not about how to design water systems, disinfection processes, or detailed commissioning – this course is about getting it right at the design stage through engagement, risk assessment, and clearly defined stages of a project.


Topics covered on the course will include:

  • Module 1:
    - Background to Water Safety – including Water Hazards Identification and detail on Legionella / Scalding / Pseudomonas aeruginosa;
    - Who are the most susceptible;
    - Proven and frequent sources of LD / Pa;
    - Ecology of waterborne pathogens;
    - Control strategies for managing water safety risk.

  • Module 2:
    - Law [Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Health & Social Care Act 2008];
    - Regulations [MHSWR, COSHH, RIDDOR, WATER REGS];
    - Guidance [HSE ACOP L8, HSG274 Parts 1, 2 & 3, *HTM04-01 Parts A, B, C, S/HTM04-01 Parts A to G];
    - Best Practice [Health Building Notes & British Standards];
    - Prosecutions examples and lessons learnt.

  • Module 3:
    - Understanding parts of a WSP / Design Control document and the involvement of the WSG at each stage;
    design control image

  • Module 4:
    - Lessons to be learnt from real-life experience of projects, including poorly designed, installed, and commissioned projects and the implications of such instances including the lifelong effect on water systems.

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Course Details:

  Classroom Online
Delivery Method: Face to Face Microsoft Teams
Duration: Full Day Full Day
Cost: £425 + Vat £350 + Vat
Additional Info: Lunch & Refreshments included N/A
Payment Method: Credit / Debit Cards
Assessment:  The course includes a marked assessment, measuring the delegates understanding of the course topics. This is an open-book assessment and there is a pass mark of 70% required from the delegate.
Certificates will be issued once an assessment has been marked and verified.
The cost above includes the price of a digital credential from ILM, which is part of the City & Guilds Group.


*Whilst this course does incorporate certain healthcare elements including guidance documents such as the Health Technical Memorandum [HTM], it offers valuable content that can benefit all sectors.  The knowledge and skills imparted in this course can be applied universally.


Course Cancellations & Refunds

There are occasions when delegates may need to change their course booking.  We are able to support changes on the following basis:

1) Change of date: When a delegate has communicated with us they are unable to attend a course we can transfer them to another course at a later date.  Only one date change is allowed.

2) Delegate Cancellations:  - these are time sensitive:

  1. Cancellation requests made before the 14 days preceding the course, options include:
    1. Transfer to another course at a later date.  Only one date change is allowed.
    2. Reallocation of their reservation to another person / colleague.
    3. Refund when payment has been received.  Credit note if invoice issued and payment has not been received.
  2. Cancellations received within the 14 days preceding the course will be assessed on individual basis, typically refunds are not given. 

  3. Course Cancellations: In the unlikely event we need to cancel the course we shall ensure all delegates are transferred on to another course at a later date.

  4. Delegate No show: Leading up to the course date we communicate with each delegate via email and issue a Teams invite for the course.  On the morning of the training we complete a registration process, when a delegate has not shown up we will make efforts to connect with them to check they are attending.  When we are not able to connect with them they will be removed from the course.  Depending on personal circumstances we may allow them to transfer to another course at a later date.


Equality of Access
The Water Hygiene Centre ensures that training course venues are accessible to all delegates. We encourage delegates to contact us in the case that they may require any additional support such as specialist training material or tutelage needs, so we can ensure no conditions hinder their participation of training. If you require assistance, or have questions about the course please call our office on 01993 840400 or email and one of our staff members will be ready to help you.


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