Water Hygiene Centre Our Environmental Responsibility

The Water Hygiene Centre recognises the harm associated with global warming and, as part of its commitment to sustainability, has implemented a strategy for monitoring and reducing our carbon footprint. 

At the Water Hygiene Centre, we believe that economic sustainability is the way forward.  Our economic sustainability practices are designed to combine growth and development with environmental, social, and cultural responsibility, ensuring a brighter future for both our business and the world around us.

With climate change, increasing levels of pollution, and single-use plastics, in today’s world, are signs that we need to do more for the environment have never been clearer!  As an ethical organisation, we recognise our responsibility to the environment and have established an Environmental Management System, which has achieved certification to ISO 14001:2015. We also measure our carbon footprint and have a Net Zero Strategic Plan in place to reduce our carbon emissions.



Our journey so far...

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We have frequent environmental meetings where we report changes made to reduce our CO₂ emissions and discuss areas we can improve further.

milk bottles

Since 2018, to avoid plastic waste, we have our milk delivered in reusable glass bottles.

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We supply our Legionella Risk Assessors with tablets to electronically capture data to avoid wasting paper.

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Only rechargeable batteries are used and are recycled at end of battery life.
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We do not purchase products containing palm oil. We use alternative cleaners to replace bleach, soaps and cleaning fluids.

WHC bicycle
Spaces for bikes are available onsite and a bike to work scheme is offered to the team.
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Our company vehicles have recently been upgraded to the latest Hybrid models to help reduce emissions.
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Outside our office, there is access to electric vehicle (EV) charging points.
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We have moved away from supplying hardcopy delegate manuals where possible and send them digitally to save on paper.
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We are conscious of our printing practices by using black ink when possible, printing double-sided, with eco friendly paper, and recycle empty ink cartridges.
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We hold meetings digitally over Microsoft Teams to save on traveling, which helps to lower our emissions.
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Instead of leaving devices on standby when not in use, we encourage our team to power off devices.
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We encourage team members to take public transport when possible.
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We have offset 41 tCO2e through verified carbon reduction projects and planting 41 trees in the South East, UK.
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Instead of sending traditional cards for the holidays, we send E-cards which saves paper, with the money saved we contribute to chosen charities.

Charities we've supported

Since 2009, we’ve supported eighteen different charities and each year the Water Hygiene Centre takes pride in supporting local and national charities. We’ve also never sent Christmas cards!! Instead, we’ve posted an online Christmas greeting to clients and donated to our chosen charities for the year.


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