Authorising Engineer [Water]

Combining specialist knowledge of engineering, building services and health and safety, to guide you in meeting your water hygiene compliance objectives.


Until relatively recently, this role was identified without any clear definition or specification. In the Autumn of 2015 however, guidance was issued for the role of Authorising Engineer [Water].

The guidance recommends that any Authorising Engineer [Water] should remain independent of the operational structure of an organisation. The Water Hygiene Centre can provide an Authorising Engineer [Water], who will act as your independent professional Legionella consultant, giving support and advice in accordance with relevant guidance.

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While every Authorising Engineer [Water] will have anecdotes of failure or non-compliance and a collection of worrying photographs, it is always a great feeling when through application and expertise, there are tangible positive improvements in the safety of water systems. The Water Hygiene Centre has a collective of Authorising Engineers [Water] from varied backgrounds, who routinely meet and work together to share knowledge and experiences.

We can also provide a call-out service whereby your enquiry is directed to one of our Authorising Engineers [Water]. Call-outs necessarily involve the most important of circumstances and where a prompt response can ensure appropriate and timely remedial action is undertaken, potentially preventing an escalating emergency incident. We can be available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Your appointed Authorising Engineer [Water] will:

  • Provide an annual water safety audit

  • Attend your Water Safety Group, support & improve your ongoing management of water hygiene risks

  • Undertake a review & update of your Water Safety Plan

  • Routinely monitor your organisational performance

  • Assess & appraise members of your management team & make recommendations for their formal appointment

  • Provide direction & update training

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"We have been extremely pleased with the level of service provided.  The Water Hygiene Centre consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, meeting and exceeding expectations"

Paul Gilbert, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

“You can always rely on the Water Hygiene Centre to deliver on the promises made.  Excellent advice and pool of knowledge.  I would always recommend your services to others"

Ralph Woolgar, University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust

"I've never had any issues with the Water Hygiene Centre, they've always provided me with a professional experience"

Ben Huband, The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"It is a pleasure to continue working with Water Hygiene Centre, specifically with our Authorising Engineer [Water]. The relationship is continuing to improve our water safety and hygiene management systems and processes"

Claire Guise, Marie Curie

“The Water Hygiene Centre continues to deliver an exceptional service and makes the world of Water Hygiene easier to understand” 

Daniel Amies, Sodexo

“Excellent technical advice balanced with a pragmatic approach.  You have helped us with a number of issues but also helped us save money by focussing on the highest impact areas”.

Christian Homersley, Wye Valley NHS Trust

“I am entirely satisfied with the level of service and support provided by our Authorising Engineer service. In particular the assistance and can-do attitude they provide.

The Water Hygiene Centre have been providing our AE [Water] service for over 10 years”

Graham Mutch, NHS Grampian

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