12 days of Christmas (Day 9)

by Sarah Morley, on 21-12-2020


2020 has changed our working lives. Whilst many of us are working from home, we can be at greater risk of stress, loneliness, exhaustion, and sickness. Looking after our health and wellbeing is more important than ever as we all try to adjust to a new normal way of working.

Our virtual daily morning huddles helped us to all keep in contact, share a coffee, and show off our daily challenges. We had so many hilarious videos, we thought why not share for everyone to see.

Here is today's video.

Challenge number 9 - The Easter Bunny has now left the building.....




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About the author

Sarah Morley

Sarah joined the Water Hygiene Centre in 2012 to lead on all marketing activities, and is responsible for all social media, mailshot, website and manages our 'Open' training course program.

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