Water Hygiene Centre - New Scotland Office

by Sarah Morley, on 21-06-2021

Scottish Office

The Water Hygiene Centre is extremely proud to be showcasing a new office opening in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We don’t normally shout about this sort of thing (after all it is only an office opening) but with the easing of lockdown, we feel it is necessary to provide some positive news to all of our clients, employees and future business partners.


The Water Hygiene Centre is continuing to invest in its staff, its infrastructure and more importantly its client offerings – we already have a large presence in Scotland and with our new office, we hope to continue to support our clients further in the management of waterborne pathogens.


The management of waterborne pathogens [such as Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa] still needs to be a high priority during this time, so keep managing your systems and processes as best possible.


Whether you are working from home, the office, or hybrid working, we have a variety of high-quality Legeionalla training and water hygiene courses online which can be completed at a location and pace to suit your needs.  


If you require any advice on water hygiene safety management please contact us or subscribe to our blogs and articles for further information.


Stay tuned for some further updates and advice from us all at the Water Hygiene Centre.



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About the author

Sarah Morley

Sarah joined the Water Hygiene Centre in 2012 to lead on all marketing activities, and is responsible for all social media, mailshot, website and manages our 'Open' training course program.

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