Risk Assessment Review

In 2014 the HSE removed the two-year frequency for risk assessments, they now state that risk assessments should be reviewed regularly and whenever there is a change of circumstances that could affect the risk.

Risk assessment can mean differing levels of intervention from a desktop review to a full risk assessment.  The Water Safety Group has a collective responsibility, as such a formal process for reviewing risk assessments needs to be established that identifies when a risk assessment is required.

A risk assessment review is a desk-based assessment of potential risk presented by each premises, block or part of premises, based on each water system type.  This is particularly useful to organisations that have a large property portfolio as it can be used to ascertain which sites require on-site survey and to generate a multiple year programme of risk assessment surveys.

The benefits of an established risk assessment review process include:

  • A management process approach to risk assessment need
  • Defensible long-term programme of risk assessment need
  • Better budget management for the client
  • Potential large cost savings in risk assessment survey cost

It can be helpful to the Water Safety Group to maintain a schedule of the various water systems under their control and when they were last assessed.  Cross-referencing against the review criteria defined in HSG274 Part 2 [2014]

Our FREE risk assessment review tool aims at giving you a system for doing just that, it can be used to review your current reports against the criteria detailed in the HSE document HSG274 Part 2 [2014], which can also be easily updated and reviewed at each Water Safety Group meeting.

CLICK HERE to download your free tool.

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