Water Hygiene Centre Corporate, Environment & Social Responsibility

The Water Hygiene Centre recognises the harm associated with global warming and, as part of its commitment to sustainability, has implemented a strategy for monitoring and reducing our carbon footprint.  With climate change, increasing levels of pollution, and single-use plastics, in today’s world, the signs that we need to do more for the environment have never been clearer!   As an ethical organisation, we recognise our responsibility to the environment and have established an Environmental Management System, which has achieved certification to ISO 14001:2015.

The Water Hygiene Centre is an equal opportunities employer, we aim to follow the recommendations and guidance of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, in all our employment policies, procedures and practices.

Since 2009, we’ve supported eighteen different charities and each year the Water Hygiene Centre takes pride in supporting local and national charities. We’ve also never sent Christmas cards!! Instead, we’ve posted an online Christmas greeting to clients and donated to our chosen charities for the year.


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