Water Safety Management - Wye Valley NHS Trust & Sodexo

by Daniel Pitcher, on 14-04-2020
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Practical Approaches to Water Safety-3

Daniel Pitcher, Managing Director and Authorising Engineer [Water] describes how the Wye Valley NHS Trust and its PFI partner, Sodexo, worked together to significantly improve the safe and efficient management of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

Wye Valley NHS Trust was established on 1 April 2011.   The Trust was England’s first integrated provider of acute, community and adult social care services, bringing together Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust, NHS Herefordshire’s Provider Services (excluding Mental Health) and Herefordshire Council’s Adult Social Care services. 


The delivery of a robust and functioning water safety plan for any NHS Trust / Board remains a key issue in the 21st century, along with continually reviewing Legionella risk assessments, management policies, and operational procedures. 


This case study details the challenges and problems they faced, along with the solution, the benefits, and the outcome of consistently working together.


Both the Trust and Sodexo are now aligned with a consistent water safety plan and monitoring forms, all supported by their Authorising Engineer [Water].  


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Editors Note: The information provided in this blog is correct at the original publication date - April 2020.

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Read the full article here: Collaboration enhances system management


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About the author

Daniel Pitcher

With over 21 years of independent consulting experience, Daniel established the Water Hygiene Centre in February 2009 to be a ‘centre of excellence’ dedicated to independent water safety consultancy. His experience spans auditing, training, development of Water Safety Plans, incident investigations, competent help support and acting as Authorising Engineer [Water] [AEW] for NHS Trusts, Health Boards, Local Government, Universities and Housing Associations.

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