Authorising Engineer (Water)

For a number of years this title has been floating around without any clear definition or specification.  In the autumn of 2015 guidance was issued for this role of Authorising Engineer (Water).

It is recommended an Authorising Engineer (Water) should remain independent of the operational structure of your organisation.  The Water Hygiene Centre can provide an Authorising Engineer (Water), who will act as your independent professional consultant, giving support and advice in accordance with relevant guidance.

Your appointed Authorising Engineer (Water) will:

  • Provide an annual audit
  • Attend your Water Safety Management group providing formal evidence and demonstrating management of water hygiene risks
  • Review and revision of your policy / water safety plan
  • Routinely monitor your organisational performance
  • Assess and praise members of the management team and make recommendations for their appointment
  • Provides direction and update training

We provide a call-out service where by your call is directed to one of our Authorising Engineers (Water). Call-outs necessarily involve the most important circumstances where a prompt response can ensure appropriate and timely action, potentially preventing an escalating emergency incident. We will be available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“Excellent technical advice balanced with a pragmatic approach.  You have helped us with a number of issues but also helped us save money by focussing on the highest impact areas”.
Christian Homersley, Wye Valley NHS Trust
“……… knowledge, passion and pleasant demeanour has meant that even the most sceptical manager accepts and trusts what is said.  They are very professional and there teaching skills have enhanced HSSD’s knowledge of water management immensely”.
Martin Wilson, States of Guernsey

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