Class 2: Legionella Sampling

by Water Hygiene Centre, on 31-08-2023
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Sampling for Legionella, it is advised that water sampling is undertaken to demonstrate the effectiveness of the established control scheme and is not considered a control measure itself. 

Sampling of water systems for Legionella, can be somewhat daunting, thoughts of ‘do I need to sample?’, ‘how to take a sample?’ and ‘where do I need to send the samples?’.


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This short video outlines how to take samples and the next steps. 

This Video Covers;

- Legionella Sampling Technique

- Pre or Post-Flush Samples

- Storage and Transportation 

- Chain of Custody

Legionella sampling can provide valuable information on the efficacy of the control scheme, of which pre-planned maintenance (PPM’s) such as temperature monitoring may form a part. However, this will only be true if the sampling programme is properly planned and executed in accordance with the available guidance.


Guidance is available from British Standards and the Environment Agency, which offers both practical advice on how to sample and monitor from hot and cold water services (BS 8554:2015) and how to sample specifically for Legionella bacteria in water systems (BS 7592:2022) as well as laboratory advice surrounding the determination/detection and enumeration of aquatic bacteria (Microbiology of Drinking Water – ‘Blue Book’).


Read more on Legionella Sampling - Sampling Processes - Part 1. Considerations when formulating a water sampling rationale and strategy


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Editors Note: The information provided in this blog is correct at the original publication date - August 2023. 

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