'Practical Approaches to Water Safety'

by Sarah Morley, on 08-03-2023


GOSHA April 2023

Join Pete Tyson from the Water Hygiene Centre at the next GOSHA Health & Safety Conference, where he will discuss the practical approaches to water safety.

We’ve all seen the ‘crazy’ health and safety photos such as the worker on an A frame ladder in swimming pool whilst drilling into the ceiling above!! Well, this presentation is along the same lines, albeit with water safety and those things that we’ve discovered, found, observed whilst advising clients in recent years.


Topics covered will include:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Water sampling
  • Appropriate components and tools
  • Record keeping and log books

The session will take you through the importance of how to get things right at the design stage [or not] through to the correct components [or not] to be used and need to monitoring correctly and keep suitable records [or not]. Using photo evidence of those ‘or not’ elements will highlight to clients practical approaches to water safety for their organisation.


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Editors Note: The information provided in this article is correct at the date of original publication – March 2023. 

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