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Craig joins us after several years of experience in the water hygiene industry, from starting as a Water Hygiene Technician back in 2006 to most recently acting as a Director in a Legionella Consultancy.   He has previously acted as an independent consultant bridging the gap between clients and their sub contractors to ensure that work is being delivered correctly and compliance is achieved, this includes developing water safety plans and delivering suitable and sufficient training.
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How can an Authorising Engineer (Water) assist Property Management Companies?
  For several years as an organisation, we have worked with Property Management Companies on various projects and our team members have carried out various tasks to support these companies, both...
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Appointment of Contractors for Local Authorities
This month’s blog looks at the considerations any local authority should make in determining how to appoint a contractor/contractors to support them to ensure that water systems are...
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Head Teachers Role in Controlling Legionella in Schools
If you are a Head Teacher what are your responsibilities in relation to preventing or controlling Legionella in your school?
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Legionella Control – a guide for Facilities Management organisations
As a Facilities Management company what are your responsibilities when it comes to the control of waterborne pathogens such as legionella (amongst others)? Well, it may be as simple as what is...
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Authorising Engineer [Water] – Experiences to Share
  Although under the HTM / SHTM regulations, Authorising Engineers should be appointed to carry out annual audits, to help with appointments and to provide assurance to the boards / trusts that...
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Post Lockdown Reoccupation of Properties
  Now that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and businesses start to re-occupy all of their properties, in this blog we will give some pointers for consideration for when the...
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What Effect Will Hybrid / Blended Working Have on Water Quality?
  As we see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer and the lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, now would be a good time to consider how our offices and workplaces will be used in...
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In a Healthcare Water Safety Group - Who is the Authorising Engineer [Water]
  The title ‘Authorising Engineer [AE]’ is not new and has been in use for some time in industry where high risk activities require a competent person to oversee and provide assurance in respect...
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What Are the Risks of Not Managing Areas of Non-Compliance Effectively?
  At times we are asked this very question but let us start with what we mean by non-compliance issues? In most cases we are talking about areas that do not meet guidance, in our case this is ACoP...
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Steps to Take for Getting Projects Right at the Design Stage?
  The Water Hygiene Centre’s collective of Authorising Engineers [Water] have noticed a sharp increase in requests for supporting clients with their new projects [big and small] in the last twelve...
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