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Council’s and Housing stock – how to manage Legionella
This blog attempts to answer a conundrum regularly pondered by Councils, housing associations and private landlords…. “do our 1000’s houses need a Legionella Risk Assessment?”  The regular response...
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Local Authorities - Do we need an Authorising Engineer (Water)?
  I guess the first question is, what is an ‘Authorising Engineer (Water)’? A review of the HSE Approved Code of Practice (L8) and the supporting HSG 274 Part 2 document shows there is no mention of...
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Local Authorities & Legionella
  For each of the 333 Local authorities in England, Legionella risk management remains a difficult and costly balancing act. Local government in England operates under either a one tier system -...
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Appointment of Contractors for Local Authorities
This month’s blog looks at the considerations any local authority should make in determining how to appoint a contractor/contractors to support them to ensure that water systems are microbiologically...
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Legionella risk in Leisure Centres and Gyms
The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group’s Swimming Pool Water: Treatment and quality standards for pools and spas and the HSE’s HSG282 document offer guidance concerning pool water hygiene. Like all...
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