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Charlie started the Water Hygiene Centre as a trainee risk assessor back in 2010, since then he has developed professionally from risk assessor, project manager and is now a Senior Consultant. During this time he has taken ownership of our risk assessment method and development of our bespoke reporting platform and has been key in our UKAS accreditation to 17020.
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Property Management Guide to Legionella Risk Assessments
If you are a Property Management Company, you will typically take responsibility for the management, maintenance, security and upkeep of a variety of properties. These properties may include...
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Legionella - Role of the Responsible Person and Duty Holder
This blog hopes to answer questions received from our clients regarding the clarification of roles undertaken by the Dutyholder and the Responsible Person (Water). 
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Why am I still getting TVCs after disinfecting and flushing?
  In this blog, we discuss reasons why a disinfection, sampling and flushing strategy may not have worked as intended, leaving undesirable levels of TVCs.
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Council’s and Housing stock – how to manage Legionella
This blog attempts to answer a conundrum regularly pondered by Councils, housing associations and private landlords…. “do our 1000’s houses need a Legionella Risk Assessment?”  The regular response...
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What are 'Good Records' for water safety?
  Records are a foundation stone of successful water safety management. They are evidence, without which, it is very difficult to convince others that a task has been completed.
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Property Management: Legionella in Commercial Offices
    Like many buildings in the UK, commercial office buildings have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically, how often, and how they are used. This blog explores the risks that water...
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Legionella Training for Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  A simple internet search using the words, “Legionella Schools” will find many news articles with instances of schools being shut following a Legionella “outbreak”.   Maintenance manager who raised...
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Compliance and Legionella Risk Assessment
  As a reminder to us all, the HSE state that it is a legal requirement for every employer and self-employed person to assess the health and safety risks arising out of their work. The purpose of an...
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Legionella Risk Assessment – An Animal Interest Story
    Our Legionella Risk Assessors travel the length and breadth of the British Isles, from the Shetland Islands in the north, to the Channel Islands in the south. They also get to visit a wide range...
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Separating Legionella Risk Assessments and Remedial Works
  Identifying and assessing risks is the first key to good health and safety management. In the Legionella industry the risk assessment is no different, and a requirement under the HSE’s Approved...
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