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Suck and Go - Vacuum Drainage Systems
Many of us have had the pleasure of squeezing into an aeroplane toilet, and in most cases had the novel experience of using the vacuum flushing toilet. Some of us in the water industry may have even...
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Legionella Risk - Contractor Competency for Schools
For this Blog, we will primarily be talking about water safety; in particular Legionella preventative maintenance and carrying out Legionella risk assessments.
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Legionella Risk - Drains traps on Air Handling Units
There is often not a large overlap between ventilation and water, the guidance in ACoP L8 and HSG274 do not discuss Legionella issues in air distribution systems as these are not considered...
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How can you tell if your Legionella risk assessment is suitable?
In this blog we discuss the ‘Legionella risk assessment’ and whether it is suitable to ensure compliance with regulations and guidance.
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Legionella control for hospices and health estates.
To determine an appropriate and proportionate control strategy for the safe management of waterborne bacteria such as Legionella species (spp.), it’s prudent to understand the differences between...
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Tips for the control of waterborne pathogens in healthcare
The use of ‘temperature’ is the accepted and ‘traditional' method of control for ensuring waterborne bacteria such as Legionella within healthcare domestic water distribution systems (ACoP L8, ...
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The Hidden Dangers in Hospital Water Systems
Due to their complex design and often considerable size, hospital water systems can harbour a multitude of pathogens and microorganisms. Amongst the most common in healthcare water systems are...
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Water Safety - Disinfection of Minor Works
How to How to deal with minor works so that they are installed correctly and do not pose a risk to the current installation is a key part of design control. The last thing we need is a new...
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Legionella Risk Assessments and my Water Safety Plan
Whereas previous Water Hygiene Centre blogs offer details on legionella risk assessment and Water Safety Plans, this blog explores the relationship between the two documents.
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Legionella Training - Why should you refresh yours?
Many Estates and Facilities staff may well say the basics of Legionella training don’t fundamentally change over time – indeed what worked 30 years ago, works just as well today, especially if we...
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