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Legionella in Schools: key points for good water management
  Good water safety management within school properties can be distilled into the following areas: 1 – Determining management arrangements and responsibility; 2 – Establishing the level of risk and...
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Why You Should Refresh Your Legionella Training
  Many Estates and Facilities staff may well say the basics of Legionella training doesn’t fundamentally change over time – indeed what worked 30 years ago, works just as well today especially if we...
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Legionella Awareness Training – Who Should Attend?
    Legionella training is a legal requirement for anyone with a responsibility for the prevention and control of legionella within the workplace. 
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Water Hygiene Considerations for Leisure Centres and Gyms
  Like all commercial buildings, leisure centres and gyms should follow guidance set out by the HSE regarding water safety and hygiene. Guidance such as the HSE’s ACoP L8 with the supporting HSG274...
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Your Water Safety Group’s Training Program Explained...
  Both Legionella management and more broadly Water Safety Groups’ [WSG] have been utilised to review and control strategic and operational water hygiene issues for many years now, but the diverse...
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How social distancing can increase the risk of Legionella
  How social distancing can increase the risk of Legionella - 'Sinks & toilets out of order' We currently live in a world where the term ‘Social distancing’ is widely understood and in most cases is...
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Infection Prevention and Control Training - Legionella
  The Need for Appropriate Training Infection Prevention and Control [IPC] staff have an increasingly key-role to play in today’s water safety management approach within Healthcare property...
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The importance of Legionella training for hotel workers
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay  Conventional wisdom has it that most cases of Legionnaires’ disease associated with water systems in the built-environment could have been prevented and therefore...
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FREE: The Success That Comes With Getting it Right
Case Study:  Training Needs - The Success That Comes With Getting It Right!  When it comes to water risk management, it is vital to ensure those appointed to monitor and assess the safety are...
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Consequences of Insufficient Legionella Training
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) consider Legionnaires disease to be a preventable disease and it’s therefore treated as such by the law. Moreover, health and safety law underpins the statutory...
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