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Peter has been acting as an AE [water] and providing competent help services to multiple public sector and public services client in both the Midlands and North of England since 2004, and working within Legionellosis risk management since 1997. Peter currently acts as AE [water] for 11 large public services client’s including University’s, Councils, Healthcare and Constabularies.
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Legionella Training - Why should you refresh yours?
Many Estates and Facilities staff may well say the basics of Legionella training don’t fundamentally change over time – indeed what worked 30 years ago, works just as well today, especially if we...
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Legionella Control for Construction Sites
Having started my working career in site engineering in the wind and rain of construction sites across the North of England in the late 1980s, it’s true to say the potential risks from bacteria...
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Water Safety: New Builds – Pitfalls and Downfalls
Managing the handover of a new build or construction project can be a challenging and complex process. Each project has its unique dynamics, and there can be both successes and failures throughout...
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A Day in the Life… of an Authorising Engineer (Water)
Hello, I’m Peter, one of several Senior Consultants at the Water Hygiene Centre. I’m based in the East Midlands. I joined the company in 2010 and work with clients within both Central and Northern...
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Local Authorities & Legionella Risk
For almost all Local Authorities in England, Legionnaires Disease prevention' remains a difficult and costly balancing act. Local government in England operates under either a one tier system -...
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University, College and School Legionella Training
A simple internet search using the words, “Legionella and Schools” identifies many news articles with instances of schools being closed following a Legionella “outbreak”.
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BS 8580-2:2022 explained, including Engineering Assessments
Commonly, Legionella risk assessments do not consider the risks from microbial hazards such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.aeruginosa) and other waterborne pathogens.
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I’ve received my Legionella Risk Assessment – What now?
Whilst at an organisational level the receipt of your latest Legionella risk assessment (RA) report is certainly evidence of your awareness of the need to meet guidance, at an operational level...
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Water Coolers in Healthcare Environments
Well Summer has well and truly arrived with the extreme heatwave some of us are experiencing this week. It also sees a rise in temperatures and in some cases uncomfortable working conditions....
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Why separate Legionella Risk Assessments from remedials? - Hospitals
Carrying out Legionella risk assessments in your hospital is vital for preventing outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease and can provide additional information about avoiding contamination of the water...
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