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Peter has been acting as an AE [water] and providing competent help services to multiple public sector and public services client in both the Midlands and North of England since 2004, and working within Legionellosis risk management since 1997. Peter currently acts as AE [water] for 11 large public services client’s including University’s, Councils, Healthcare and Constabularies.
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Legionella Control for Construction Sites
  Having started my working career site engineering in the wind and rain of construction sites across the North of England in the late 1980’s, it’s true to say the potential risks from bacteria...
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Local Authorities & Legionella
  Background - For each of the 343 Local authorities in England, Legionella risk management remains a difficult and costly balancing act. Local government in England operates under either a one...
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Protecting Residents from Legionnaires’ Disease
  Should we be concerned? Legionellosis risks from hot and cold water systems in most residential settings are generally considered to be low owing to regular water usage and turnover. It’s also...
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What's lurking in your Hot Tub?
  I confess – despite an acute awareness of the potential dangers of hot tubs and other similar spa facilities combined with a long held professional belief that caution is the order of the day –...
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Is there a Legionella risk in Hotels?
Following our recent blog ‘Top Five Ways to Tackle Legionnaires’ Disease in Hotels & other Tourist Accommodation’, we look at the prevalence on Legionnaires’ disease in the hotel industry and the...
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Spa Pools - Managing Waterborne Bacteria
Spa pools, hot tubs, whirlpool baths and other similar spa-systems have found steadily increasing popularity over many years now in the UK and are now priced so that they are an achievable...
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I have a positive Legionella count - What do i do?
The likelihood of Legionella bacteria being present within domestic or other water systems, typically comes as no surprise to all those who have an involvement with water safety. As we know,...
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Responsible Person – are you competent enough?
 The appointed ‘Responsible Person [Water]’ [RP[W]] is typically the Head of Estates, although this will vary depending on your organisations policy. The RP [W] has many management and possibly...
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