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A Legionella Safety Checklist for Private Healthcare
  The private or independent healthcare sector is largely made up of hospitals and clinics which are run independently of the National Health Service [NHS]. They are normally run by a commercial...
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Healthcare WSG - Who is the Authorising Engineer [Water]?
  The title ‘Authorising Engineer [AE]’ is not new and has been in use for some time in industry where high risk activities require a competent person to oversee and provide assurance in respect to...
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Tools to improve water hygiene in your hospital
Estates and Facilities teams continue to strive for compliant water systems. Whilst the relatively simplistic tasks we have undertaken for many years, broadly temperature monitoring and condition...
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Tips for the control of waterborne pathogens in healthcare
Whilst ‘temperature’ is the accepted ‘traditional method of control’ for controlling waterborne bacteria such as Legionella within healthcare water distribution systems (ACoP L8, HSG274 Part 2 -...
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The Hidden Dangers in Hospital Water Systems
Due to their complex design and often considerable size, hospital water systems can harbor a multitude of pathogens and microorganisms.  Amongst the most commonly found in healthcare water systems...
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FREE: Guide to Water Safety for Healthcare organisations
Do you know your PsA from WSP? Do you know your LD from your LP? Surely water safety is about having lifeguards sat around swimming pools? The objective of this guide is to outline what water safety...
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Water Safety: An Overview for those Responsible in Healthcare
Back in 2002 the largest outbreak of Legionnaires ’ disease occurred in Barrow in Furness [B-i-F]. The investigation report identified six key failures. Coupled with the fact that in the last few...
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Key Considerations: Hospital Water Risk Assessments
If you are responsible for estate or building management you are invariable responsible for appointing a water safety consultancy for completing risk assessments.  As such you’d be mindful on the...
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Separating Water Safety Risk Assessments - Hospitals
Carrying out risk assessments in your hospital is vital for preventing outbreaks of illnesses such as Legionnaires' disease, and can provide additional information about avoiding contamination of the...
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