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John Murray

John joined the Water Hygiene Centre in 2022. He offers a wealth of building management & water systems management as a plumber coupled with knowledge of the biological impacts to plumbing systems.

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Legionella Management - ‘The Pros/Cons of Remote Monitoring’
  Remote monitoring of water temperatures is far from new. However, in the recent past seen as a lazy method of monitoring. An often-raised question is about a system’s reliability as well as the...
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TMV Maintenance – Lessons Learnt!
In this blog we will discuss; what we have learnt about TMV Maintenance, how these lessons have been applied and what we should consider for future improvement.
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TMVs - What are they and why are they used?
  In this blog we will discuss; what are TMVs, why they are required, when they should be indicated for use and the risks associated with their use or non-use.  
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Infrequently used outlet flushing
It is important that those managing or planning the flushing needs of any Infrequently used outlet consider the task fully, they should not simply apply the controls listed in HSG 274-part 2 Table...
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Water Safety: Approved Materials & Individuals Competency
Following changes to the Water Regulatory Advisory Service (WRAS) which took place on the 1st of April 2021 and environmental changes impacting fitting and labelling, our previous blog on Approved...
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