Water Risk Assessment Review Tool (Free Download)

by Water Hygiene Centre, on 07-03-2018
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Adobe Stock Image_100KBIf you're a building owner or premises manager, according to UK legislation you're responsible for managing risks within your buildings - including water systems. 

HSE have removed the two year frequency for risk assessments, they now suggest a set of criteria against which risk assessments can be reviewed. 

Download your free risk assessment review tool now >

This risk assessment and schematic review tool is a desk-based review of your current reports against the criteria detailed in the HSE document HSG274 part 2 [2014].  It can be easily updated and reviewed at each Water Safety Group meeting.

This Risk Assessment Review Tool, Includes:

- Risk assessment review status 

- Schematic review status


Editors Note: The information provided in this blog is correct at date of original publication - March 2018. 

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