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The Water Hygiene Centre was established in 2009 to address the lack of independent water hygiene consultancy within the industry. From our humble beginnings, we have established ourselves as a market leader, helping clients identify and minimise the risk of waterborne contamination and disease, whilst improving compliance performance.
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Who can be appointed as an RP, DRP, AP or CP?
In In this blog, we explore the various roles that exist within an organisation's water safety team and who is the most appropriate person to be appointed to fill each of these positions.
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Tips for the control of waterborne pathogens in healthcare
The use of ‘temperature’ is the accepted and ‘traditional' method of control for ensuring waterborne bacteria such as Legionella within healthcare domestic water distribution systems (ACoP L8, ...
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The Hidden Dangers in Hospital Water Systems
Due to their complex design and often considerable size, hospital water systems can harbour a multitude of pathogens and microorganisms. Amongst the most common in healthcare water systems are...
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Legionella Risk Assessments and my Water Safety Plan
Whereas previous Water Hygiene Centre blogs offer details on legionella risk assessment and Water Safety Plans, this blog explores the relationship between the two documents.
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5 Top Tips for Water Hygiene Management
In this blog, we suggest five ways Estates Managers should be prepared to manage water safely…
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Believe in the magic of Christmas
As we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the joyous festive season, we have something special to share with you. This year, instead of purchasing Christmas cards, we've decided to share some Christmas...
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Management of dead legs and blind ends in water systems
There is a requirement for all building managers to ensure the safety of the public and employees so far as reasonably practicable. This requirement is set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act...
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Guide to Records & Record Keeping for Water Safety
In this blog, we consider records for water safety. When we say ‘records’ we don’t mean the round vinyl LP type (Handel’s ‘Water Music’, anyone?). No. We are focusing on records that form documented...
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7 Deadly Sins of Legionella Risk Assessments
Health and Safety regulations and associated guidance require all risks from exposure to Legionella bacteria to be identified and evaluated. Here, we discuss how “Legionella Risk Assessments” can be...
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How to reduce the risk of scalding
This blog sets out some of the risks from scalding to which vulnerable people may be exposed when bathing or showering and the key measures required to protect them.
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