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Legionella Risk Assessment – An Animal Interest Story
    Our Legionella Risk Assessors travel the length and breadth of the British Isles, from the Shetland Islands in the north, to the Channel Islands in the south. They also get to visit a wide range...
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Post Lockdown Reoccupation of Properties
  Now that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and businesses start to re-occupy all of their properties, in this blog we will give some pointers for consideration for when the...
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Legionella – Lessons Learnt from One of London’s Most Famous Apartment Blocks
  On the 20th March 2019 the London Evening Standard reported that Public Health England had confirmed a case of Legionnaires’ disease within the Dolphin Square complex of private flats in Pimlico,...
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Temperature Monitoring of Loops and Sentinel Points
  In order to understand what temperature monitoring entails and how such planned preventative maintenance should be completed in accordance with guidance notes (HSG 274 Part 2 (table 2.1)), it would...
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Legionella Flushing Regime – Why Are They So Important?
  The Legionella flushing regime remains one of the key tools in the armoury of any Estates or buildings manager when attempting to minimise potential Legionella bacterial growth and proliferation...
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Sampling Strategy – When to Sample or Not (don’t sample blind!)
  When should you sample or not is a question often raised in discussions and one that has some clearly defined parameters that should be followed at all times. What are you looking to achieve from...
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Separating Legionella Risk Assessments and Remedial Works
  Identifying and assessing risks is the first key to good health and safety management. In the Legionella industry the risk assessment is no different, and a requirement under the HSE’s Approved...
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Point of Use Water Filters
  Whilst ‘temperature’ remains the traditional and mainstay method of control for maintaining water hygiene safety within health and non-health estates, respective guidance for the safe management of...
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A Legionella Safety Checklist for Private Healthcare
  The private or independent healthcare sector is largely made up of hospitals and clinics which are run independently of the National Health Service [NHS]. They are normally run by a commercial...
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What Effect Will Hybrid Working Have on Water Hygiene?
  As we see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer and the lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, now would be a good time to consider how our offices and workplaces will be used in the...
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