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Healthcare WSG - Who is the Authorising Engineer [Water]?
  The title ‘Authorising Engineer [AE]’ is not new and has been in use for some time in industry where high risk activities require a competent person to oversee and provide assurance in respect to...
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Water Hygiene: Risks of Not Managing Areas of Non-Compliance
  At times we are asked this very question but let us start with what we mean by non-compliance issues? In most cases we are talking about areas that do not meet guidance, in our case this is ACoP...
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Can I Remotely Monitor My Water System?
  To comply with their legal duties, duty holders should regularly monitor water systems to ensure their controls measures and precautions remain effective (HSE ACoP L8). This management regime...
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Understanding TVC's
  To better understand a ‘total viable count’ (TVC), it may be prudent to ask the following questions: What is a TVC and why do we sample/test for TVC? When do we sample/test for TVC? How do we...
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Steps to Take to Get Projects Right at the Design Stage?
  The Water Hygiene Centre’s collective of Authorising Engineers [Water] have noticed a sharp increase in requests for supporting clients with their new projects [big and small] in the last twelve...
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New Builds – Pitfalls and Downfalls
The handover of any new build or construction project, is the culmination of a complex process to provide often much needed facilities.
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Legionella Training - Everything You Need to Know
‘Walkies, legionella’, ‘heel, legionella’, interesting thoughts to have with the title ‘Legionella Training’. Sadly, we’re not able to train legionella to behave in a certain way: now that would be...
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Why You Should Refresh Your Legionella Training
  Many Estates and Facilities staff may well say the basics of Legionella training doesn’t fundamentally change over time – indeed what worked 30 years ago, works just as well today especially if we...
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Legionella - The Need for Sufficient Water Hygiene Training
  When we consider the importance of adequate Water Hygiene Legionella training, it may first of all be prudent to acknowledge that ‘ignorance is not a defence’ in the eyes of the law…!
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Legionella Awareness Training – Who Should Attend?
    Legionella training is a legal requirement for anyone with a responsibility for the prevention and control of legionella within the workplace. 
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