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Local Authorities & Legionella Risk
For almost all Local Authorities in England, Legionnaires Disease prevention' remains a difficult and costly balancing act. Local government in England operates under either a one tier system -...
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Legionella Risk - Appointment of Contractors for Local Authorities
This blog looks at the considerations any local authority should make in determining how to appoint a contractor/contractors to support them to ensure that water systems are free from microbiological...
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Water Coolers & Alternative Drinking Water Options
I have often been asked the question what is the best place to drink from? Water coolers, tap water, chilled water dispensers, or bottled water (i.e. individual bottles). I have a personal...
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Legionella record keeping using software.
Water Hygiene Guidance When managing Legionella and other waterborne pathogens we must keep concise, accurate records of all our activities. HSG274 Part 2 sections 24 – 26 and HTM04-01 Part B Para...
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Legionella Risk - Contractor Competency for Schools
For this Blog, we will primarily be talking about water safety; i.e. Legionella preventative maintenance or carrying out Legionella risk assessments.
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Legionella Management onsite: Back to basics - Part 2
In part 2 of this blog we outline the basics of legionella management for any organisation looking at log books, records & dealing with non-compliance.
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Legionella Management onsite: Back to basics - Part 1
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Legionella sampling: Part 3 - Testing methods & what next?
As a recap on the firstand second parts of this blog series on sampling, we’ve already covered; sampling strategy, taking a water sample and the chain of custody. In this final blog of the series,...
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Legionella Risk in Schools: Key points for good water management
Good water safety management within school properties can be distilled into the following areas: 1 – Determining management arrangements and responsibility; 2 – Establishing the level of Legionella...
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5 Step Guide: Legionella Risk Management - Education Estates
What is the appetite for risk amongst managers of education estates with responsibility for health & safety? We would expect such organisations to operate on the basis that risks to health and...
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